Wealth Accumulation

To begin the process of wealth accumulation, you must clearly demonstrate that your idea offers stability and is both viable and profitable in the long term. Venture capitalists/funds, as aforementioned, are increasingly scrutinizing where they place their money.

Demonstrating that you have an innovative business concept which will deliver long-term profitability is crucial. Presenting a concise business concept which will operate within in a market area with high entry barriers will allay their fears of uncertainty.


Structuring an Investment Plan

Increasingly, venture capitalists are looking to put their resources into concepts which are unique and distinctive from previous ventures, whilst also secure in providing long-term results. Offering a business plan which encompasses detailed analysis and incorporation of issues such as patenting products/service, target market, projections of profit and future expansionary aspirations are all crucial when looking to secure funding from venture capitalists/funds.

On the same note, Kusler Group advises entrepreneurs that they too should evaluate the viability of venture capitalists/funds, establishing clear boundaries and requirements venture capitalists/funds are expected to respect. Following this, the venture capitalist/fund will evaluate the business proposal and potential for success before pursuing the next phase.


Due Diligence

If the previous phase is successful and the venture capitalist/fund is enticed by the business plan and potential for success, it will then proceed to carry out its due diligence procedures. This will involve the deeper and more thorough examination of the concept’s long-term viability and prospective opportunities for future growth. During the process of due diligence, they will evaluate the proposed structure of the business concept, such as financial particulars and operating specifications.

During this phase, should the venture capitalist/fund remain interested, a business agreement consisting of terms and conditions of the contract will normally be drafted, allowing the proposal to be formally arranged should both sides be satisfied with the aforementioned business particulars.